Counteract: Systems of Awareness


Iceland, Reykjavík | 31 jan - 5 fev 2017

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival | Kjarvalsstaðir Museum

Counteract: Systems of Awareness was an exhibition that reflected on the effects of climate change on Icelandic local nature.

The exhibition was the outcome of a process involving two main situations: a class given to children at Reykjavík International School (Landakotsskóli), and the exhibition at Kjarvalsstaðir Museum.

The 3-day exhibition was part of Winter Lights Festival cultural program, and consisted of an installation where a pile of ice melted throughout the duration of the exhibition, and of a room denominated “Awarness Zone” where various contents and activities invited the audience to have an active and creative participation.

The activities culminated in a concert allusive to the Arctic wind.

Counteract: Systems of Awareness | Activities

Exhibition at Kjarvalsstaðir Museum

Arctic Wind Concert

Exhibition at Kjarvalsstaðir Museum

The exhibition at Kjarvalsstaðir Museum took place on 3 to 5 February.

The exhibition consisted of an installation where a pile of ice was melting throughout the duration of the exhibition and a room denominated “Awareness Zone”. Inside this room, people had access to information on the subject of climate change and could get involved in various activities provided by the artists.

Awareness Zone


In this room, several environment-related installations were set up in order to provide visitors with information on various issues of climate change. The materials produced by the children of Landakotsskóli school, natural and organic materials such as plants, stones and logs, various synthetic materials and informative videos on the exhibition theme were used as resources for these installations.

The room was set up so as to provide an active participation of the visitors during the exhibition. The @Change collective was present during the time of the exhibition in order to accompany and discuss with the visitors the challenges of climate change. In order to deepen their awarness on the subject, visitors were invited to draw, share their ideas on a board in the room, or plant a seed they could take home.

Arctic Wind Concert

“Arctic Wind” was a music performance performed by César Rodrigues and Curver Thoroddsen. Using analog instruments, vinyls and effects units, the artists sought to simulate and interpret the sound of the arctic wind.

The concert marked the end of @Change’s activities at the Kjarvalsstaðir Museum.